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Annamaya Day
Annamacharya Day
Portland Balaji Temple (HECSA) invites you to participate in the Annamacharya Day which is being celebrated as a part of TTD Srinivasa kalyanotsavam on Sunday, May 27th 2012.

This celestial wedding is performed at a huge 30,000 sq-ft place in downtown Portland and a huge crowd is expected. For the first time in Portland, an event of this magnitude is being organized and this is a great opportunity to perform in front of Lord Venkateshwara.
About Annamacharya
  • Saint Annamacharya is the first VAGGEYAKARA (a person who can compose lyrics,music and sing) of Telugu Literature.

  • He sang only for the pleasure of the Almighty and to convey the message for the upliftment of mankind,unmindful of materialistic gains.

  • Through the purity of His SANKEERTANAMANTRAS (SANKEERTANA = Devotional songs, MANTRAS = Coined group of divine words which yield various results when uttered for a prescribed period)

  • Knowing the greatness and spiritual power of Annamacharya,King SALUVANARASINGARAYA offers a respectable position of a GURU(teacher) to Annamacharya in his royal court.

  • One day saint sings a song in the tradition of MADHURA BHAKTI (madhurabhakti is a kind of devotion in which the devotee becomes a Heroine and worships the Lord as his own beloved Hero)on the request of the king.

  • Allured by the apparent romantic meaning of the song,king asks the saint to sing similar composition on himself.The saint says that he can only sing the glory of the Lord and not the human.

  • The Ego of the King gets hurt and he chains the saint with shakles and imprisons Him.The saint sings a song thinking of Lord VENKATESHWARA with agony.As a result of the spiritual power in his song the chains get broken.

  • The king asks for the pardon and requests Him to stay on in his court .The Saint advises the king that he should not insult the devotees as the god himself gets hurt.

  • Annamacharya leaves the royal court for Thirumala,the court of VENKATESHWARA.Annamacharya introduces many SEVAS (services) to theLord VENKATESHWARA at Tirumala Temple and propagated His philosophy & glory through his SANKEERTANAS .
  • We are inviting you to participate in the following programs
    • Classical Song - Solo/Group
    • Classical Dance - Solo/Group
    General Guidelines:
    • Priority will be given to songs related to Annamacharya & Lord Vishnu
    • Solo performance is only for adults above 21 years & time limit for solo performance is 5 mins.
    • Each participant can participate in one slot only
    • Participants should arrange for any accompanying instruments if required
    • Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis
    • Cultural programs will start at 2:30 PM after Kalyanotsavam
    • Participation is free and everyone is welcome
    Specific Guidelines for Dance Performances:
    • Audio tracks should be sent on or before May 22nd, 2012 to any of the committee members
    • The dance performance will be on the floor in front of the cultural stage
    Registration Deadline:Saturday, May 19th 2012

    Please contact any of the committee members for any queries.

    Thank you,
    Cultural Committee
    TTD Kalyanotsavam - Portland Balaji Temple

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